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graves of Titanic victims

Titanic: The Halifax Connection

Everyone knows the story of RMS Titanic: The largest ship ever built, on its maiden voyage, hits an iceberg and sinks. There weren’t enough lifeboats on board, resulting in more than 1,500 passengers and crew dying.  But how many people know the story of what happened after the Carpathia rescued the survivors? Recovery The CS …

the tank in action

History of the Tank: A New Weapon of War

Humans are naturally prone to ingenuity. We find solutions to problems, but sometimes the solutions cause new problems. Case in point: World War I. The technology of the previous few decades created dreadnoughts, chemical weapons, improved machine guns and cannons.  Basically it became easier to kill.  Another new weapon was the tank. Tank Development The …

An old photography ad

Smile and Say Cheese

Photography has come a long way in the past 200 years. It’s hard to believe in today’s age of the selfie, photo sharing apps and Internet photo albums that there was a time when a person might only have been photographed once in a lifetime. We forget that not that long ago, digital cameras, one-hour …

Victorian bathroom technology
Daily Life - Victorian and Edwardian Eras Technology

Technology in the 1910s: Surprising Modern and Familiar

Many people have the impression that the 1910s were technologically the Dark Ages.  In truth, nearly all the modern conveniences we enjoy today existed, only in a simpler form. Technological advances accelerated in the 19th century and continued in the 20th century at an astonishing rate.  So much so that, as ThoughtCo. puts it, “We …